The latest update to Natural Resources Canada’s list of applicants awarded funding for EV charging infrastructure shows that Shell Canada has received $3.95 million for 79 electric vehicle fast charging portals, while 7-Eleven netted $300,000 in the same round

SHELL CANADA IS JOINING the ranks of legacy oil and gas companies building a Canadian EV fast-charging network, with government documents revealing the company is constructing a network of 79 charging ports at 36 locations across the country.

The Shell Canada network will span British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, according to the latest updated funding report for the federal Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative administered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

It’s unclear if the locations listed in the disclosure are the whole of the Shell network, or just the locations that are being funded with public money.

It is also unclear if any of the B.C. locations are linked to a partnership between Uber Canada and Greenlots announced on Wednesday that will see Greenlots open three EV charging stations in Vancouver for the exclusive use of Uber drivers and delivery people.

Electric Autonomy Canada requested comment and clarification from Shell Canada on the NRCan filings but no reply had been received at press time.

Extensive network in UK, Europe and U.S.

While this is Shell’s first foray into a Canadian charging network, its parent, Royal Dutch Shell, has an extensive EV charging footprint in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States — both as a network operator and provider of charge points and charging software solutions.

It built that presence by first acquiring European charging network provider NewMotion in 2017, followed by U.S.-based Greenlots in 2019.

Together, Shell says the two companies now operate nearly 80,000 charge points.

Just last week, Shell announced it is rebranding those EV-charging portfolio companies under one unified global brand called Shell Recharge Solutions. That rebranding will be completed in early 2022.

The Greenlots charging stations for Uber drivers in Vancouver will carry the same branding also.

7-Eleven adding chargers in B.C.

Shell Canada isn’t the only new big-name entrant to receive funding on NRCan’s list. The same filing also shows convenience store giant 7-Eleven received $300,000 for 12 charging ports to be installed at six locations in B.C.

In June, 7-Eleven said it would be installing EV chargers at select Canadian locations, as part of a major North American rollout, but no locations were given at that time.

These updates to the NRCan listing were first brought to Electric Autonomy‘s attention by Devin Arthur, president of the Sudbury EV Society.

We will add to this story if more details become available.

This article was originally published by Electric Autonomy Canada.